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Meditation as a Path of Vision

That which is which is to all creatures a night, is to the self-mastering sage their waking; that which is waking to all creatures, is a night to the sage who sees.

— Bhagavadgītā 2.69

For millennia yogis and initiates did not develop techniques of meditation for the purpose of relieving stress or improved relaxation. They practiced meditation to awaken.

  • Originating from a tradition of Seers, The Beyond Within is rooted in the Great Tradition of yogic practice, inner alchemy and spiritual transmission.


  • Presented for the twenty-first century practitioner living in the modern world.


  • For all seekers from any background who are not satisfied with mere belief, doctrine, or philosophical position, but wish to experience first-hand knowledge of spiritual realities.


  • Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike; those who are without a practice or already committed to one. Those without a tradition or already part of one. Or anyone seeking to reconnect. The techniques help to strengthen and illuminate such connections.


  • Designed to facilitate the opening of yogic vision, or sūkṣmadṛṣṭi : the super-sensible vision of subtle bodies, our energetic environment, and the living presence of spirit which pervades every genuine tradition bequeathed to us from past epochs.

IST Sessions
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Sourcing Therapy

Working with the inner space of meditation, somatic awareness, and direct experiential knowledge of saṃskāras, Sourcing is a set of psychosomatic and energetic healing methods for therapeutic opening. The term saṃskāra is of central importance in yogic psychology. Translated as 'latent impression', it refers to the imprints left behind by our experiences, engraved into the psyche and conditioning the mind. Beyond dialogue, Sourcing is an interactive process of sourcing to the saṃskāric causes that lie at the root of our mental, emotional, and energetic blockages. Addressing causes rather than symptoms, Sourcing moves beyond the surface layer of the reactive mind to dismantle conditioning, drop maladaptive behavioural patterns, and heal emotional and energetic blockages. The result is profound release and healing with metaphysical depth, facilitating meaningful change and personal transformation.

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Please click the Read More links before booking for a detailed overview of the class or session. Fees are listed in Australian dollars. I am happy to make alternative arrangements if you cannot find a time that suits you (especially due to time zones). Apart from the standard fee I also provide concession payment options, no questions asked. If you are sincerely interested in joining a class, or seriously motivated to cultivate a dedicated meditation practice but are limited financially, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I will do my best to accommodate you. For any other enquiries, or if you wish to arrange a group class or workshop for your organisation or community, either online or in-person, please feel free send me an email:

Drop-In Class & Private Sessions

More to Come...

The Beyond Within is a new project. Expect to see more online classes, group practices, online and self-paced courses as it develops. To receive updates on new classes and courses, please sign up:

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Support This Project

The Beyond Within is a full-time project that aims to be available to anyone wishing to foster a meditation practice with spiritual depth and vision.


I am regularly posting articles on The Beyond Within Substack about Yogic Vision, the Inner Worlds of Consciousness, and Subtle Bodies. It is where much of what will make its way into future teachings is first drafted. To keep up with my work subscribe below and please consider becoming a paid subscriber:

If you are in a position to do so, the easiest way to help is to select one of the 'contributor' options when booking a class or session.


Or you can offer a stand-alone donation which will be received with sincere gratitude. Donations not only help the growth of this project, but also the ability to support practitioners who are currently unable to pay the standard rates.

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A Short Bio

Hi, my name is Ashok Zaman. I have been a practitioner of meditation and related practices since 1996, when I embarked head-long into a year of full-time practices; seven days a week, ten hours a day. Upon moving from Sydney to London in 2002, I began leading courses and retreats in meditation throughout Europe. I have since taught meditation and worked with therapy clients all over the world, including Asia and the USA. After taking a long break from teaching, I returned to university studies while living in Shanghai. I went on to complete a BPhil and MRes thesis in philosophy, focussed on the cognitive neurosciences and consciousness. Bringing all of these experiences together, I am now returning to help guide others who wish to foster a meditation practice with depth, founded in the awakening of yogic vision and first-hand knowledge of spiritual realities; The Beyond Within

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