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A short Bio

Ashok Zaman (B.Phil, M.Res) has been a practitioner of meditation and related practices for over 26 years. In 1996 he dropped everything and went into a year of full-time meditation and spiritual practice, and has been practicing ever since. He has worked with hundreds of clients and led courses around the world.

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Meditation as a Path of Vision

Originating from a tradition of Seers, The Beyond Within's aim is to provide meditation training that is rooted in the Great Tradition of yogic practice, inner alchemy, and spiritual transmission, yet presented for the twenty-first century practitioner living in the modern world. It is open to all seekers from any religious, non-religious or cultural background who are not satisfied with mere belief, doctrine, or philosophical position, but wish to experience first-hand knowledge of spiritual realities. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, the trainings are designed to facilitate the opening of yogic vision, or sūkṣmadṛṣṭi : the super-sensible vision of subtle bodies, our energetic environment, and the living presence of spirit which pervades every genuine tradition bequeathed to us from past epochs.

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IST Therapy

Based on the inner space of meditation, somatic awareness, and experiential knowledge of saṃskāras, IST is a psychosomatic method (or Inner Space Technique) for therapeutic opening. The term saṃskāra is of central importance in yogic psychology and can be translated as 'latent impression', meaning the traces engraved in our psyche, left behind by past experiences and actions. Beyond dialogue, IST is an interactive process of sourcing to the saṃskāric causes that lie at the root of our mental, emotional, and energetic blockages. Addressing causes rather than symptoms, IST moves beyond the surface layer of the reactive mind to dismantle traumatic conditioning, drop maladaptive behavioural patterns, and heal emotional and energetic blockages. The result is profound release and healing with metaphysical depth, facilitating meaningful change and personal transformation.

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The Beyond Within is a full time project. The aim is to provide meditation instruction and personal guidance to anyone, who wishes to experience first-hand knowledge of spiritual realities, and develop a personal practice with depth. Currently in its infancy, the hope is it will develop the requisite infrastructure to offer trainings both in-person and online, internationally.


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